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Aspiration Days

See what Liberty (Y5) from Norley CE Primary, Cheshire says... 'If you work hard at your dreams, they can come true. I really liked this!

‘You need a job where you don’t speak to anybody all day.

How about a crane driver?’

(A so called psychologist told that to Paul when he was just 14 years old.)


‘My problem is this – I can never see you in front of a classroom.’

(Tony Earley, head of PGCE at Liverpool Hope University, in 1994)

Fortunately, Paul had other ideas…

Let’s BELIEVE as we explore our own unique gifts and talents…


Work hard!

Paul has 8 children’s books already published and more on the way!


Let’s RECOGNISE the importance of sustained and focussed hard work and a GROWTH mindset in order to set goals which YOU can achieve and grow, grow, grow your gifts and talents like a healthy plant.



A former primary school teacher for many years, Paul beat his chronic stammer and is now a children’s author and performance poet, working all over the UK and beyond. In addition, Paul is a professional church & cathedral organist. (But he’s not sensible – that’s the problem!)


Let’s explore that growth mindset, recognising that belief and focussed hard work, especially a ‘Never quit!’ attitude are the ingredients of success. As a one armed golfer once said – One arm and the right attitude will always beat two arms and the wrong attitude EVERY time!


Paul LOVES his job, wearing many writing and musical hats. He’s lucky to travel all over the UK and has even worked in several schools in Berlin, Budapest, Prague and Rome – where will be next? I wonder…


And so, let’s focus upon our strengths and not our weaknesses and develop those to the highest standard possible! And so, BELIEVE in yourself, WORK HARD to improve, ACHIEVE and best of all – RECEIVE!

Go on, you know you can do it! Set your imagination FREE and dare to dream, dream, dream...
Beehive International School, Prague, Cz 'Why, sometimes, I've believed as many as SIX impossible things before breakfast!' (Alice in Wonderland)

Paul has worked at Beehive International School, British International School, Riverside International School, Opengate School (Babice), Central Point International School and in May 2023, returns to visit, including Sunny Canadian International School (Jesenice) ALL in and around Prague, Czech Republic.


Paul has also worked at British International School, Budapest, Hungary, New School, Rome, Italy, Berlin British School, Germany and conducted ‘Zoom’ sessions with The Waverly School, Pasedena, California, U.S.A. and Windsor School, Bahamas as well as visiting countless schools in England!


And to think, Paul was once told this (because of his severe stammer!)




Fortunately, Paul took NO NOTICE. Phew, phew, phew!


He FACED THE FEAR and did it anyway!





There's only ONE you in the whole world, so you can LEARN to do anything!
“ You need a job where you don’t speak to anybody all day – how about a crane driver? ” Here's Paul at Grappenhall Heys Primary School, Warrington...
“ Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die, life is a broken-winged bird that cannot fly.” Langston Hughes (1901 - 1967)
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