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Performance poetry days

What happens on a Performance poetry day?
Whole school Poetry assembly

Let’s give teachers a rest! Let’s start with the whole school packed into the hall – or KS1 assembly first and then KS2 later on. Learn all about Paul’s writing story and watch some of his fun and zany poetry performances. Teachers note – assembly WON’T last until playtime!

EYFS puppets

Let’s go into nursery and reception, armed with an old case, filled with puppets. Meet Leo the crow, as he explores the ‘Imagination’ word and sings action songs with the class. But can Leo be sensible this time? I doubt it! He’s about as sensible as a silly circus clown being tickled!

Class sessions

Let’s go into classes, reading and above all, planning, writing and editing a poem based upon one of Paul’s own ideas. Or how about this – creating a poem out of nothing? Can you perform your poem with confidence in front of an audience? I bet you can – definitely!

Assembly at the end of the day!

Let’s come together at the end of a very busy day, for an optional assembly, celebrating our imaginative work created. Let’s even invite parents, school governors and the press. Can we get into a local newspaper? I reckon that would be cool – OFSTED would be pleased!

'The greatest gift you can give to a child is an IMAGINATION.' Eleanor Roosevelt
Paul and Leo visiting London schools!

Leo the crow has a new year resolution – he’s going to be sensible when visiting schools from now on. That’s his owner Paul’s resolution too, as well as trying not to eat jam or custard doughnuts ever again!

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