Let your spirit SHINE today...


What happens on a 'SHINE' day?
EYFS - puppets, action poems & songs

Well, go on, even adults love puppets! In nursery and reception, let’s explore our own uniqueness by meeting Paul’s puppets from around the world and singing ‘There’s one, one, one, one, one me in the world!’ or ‘God made you, God made me, God made the wings on a bumble bee!’ (Paul’s original songs)



‘The children were enthralled by Paul’s performance!’

(Philippa Crosby, Reception teacher, St John Vianney, St Helens)

KS1 - puppets, poems and songs

Again, using Paul’s puppets, let’s explore our own differences and our own uniqueness. Let’s listen to Paul’s classic poem, ‘I don’t like!’ and sing his own original song, ‘Something to do!’ Let’s read Paul’s poem, ‘An alien spaceship’ and imagine that an alien lands in our back garden and looks through your window. He flies back to his planet and reports to his leader. BUT he thinks ALL humans look like YOU! (I know, silly alien!)

KS2 - Songs, poetry & art

Let’s recognise our own strength of spirit and our own uniqueness by reading Paul’s poetry and singing his original songs, such as ‘Let my spirit shine today!’ and ‘I will follow you!’ Let’s read Paul’s ‘Thank you!’ poem and explore the law of gratitude. Surely the more thanks we give, the more magic and miracles slowly but surely appear in our lives…

KS3 - Poetry & writing / editing

Let’s explore our own unique gifts and talents and our diverse uniqueness by reading Paul’s thought-provoking poems, such as ‘Sometimes’ and ‘Time’ and then we’ll plan, write and edit our own. Focus upon strengths, not weaknesses, as we are all different and our spirits shine like lanterns in the black and thus, we’re stronger than we think…

Allowing children (and adults!) to let their imaginations roam free...

‘Every child is born blessed with a vivid imagination.’ Walt Disney


‘Imagination is more important than knowledge!’ Albert Einstein


‘You can’t use up creativity, the more you use – the more you have.’ Maya Angelou


‘Everything you can imagine is real.’ Pablo Picasso



Paul's spirit is shining... as he plays Liverpool Cathedral's majestic Victorian organ!
There is only ONE you in the whole world! Cool isn't it? SO LET YOUR SPIRIT SHINE...
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